All the 6-Minute Songs You’ll Ever Need For Every Type of Profile!

Six-minute energetic songs are so useful in indoor cycling profiles. The possibilities are endless: use them for longer climbing, cadence work, or paceline efforts. Do four sets of 6-minute over/under intervals (just above and just below FTP or lactate threshold heart rate) at different cadences. Use them for 3–2–1 intervals.  

I’ve definitely got my favorite energetic 6-minute songs, but I do tend to overuse them, so I’ve been on the hunt for new ones recently. In fact, I initially put together these playlists just for myself because I love the 3–2–1 format and wanted to make sure I wasn’t repeating songs much. I’ve curated as many 6-minute songs (give or take about 10 seconds) as I can and put them into five different Spotify playlists that fall into tempos for the following cadence ranges*:

  • 55 to 69 rpm
  • 70 to 79 rpm
  • 80 to 89 rpm
  • 90 to 99 rpm
  • over 100 rpm

*If you don’t ride to the beat, that’s fine too! Just use them as you see fit!

There aren’t a ton of mainstream songs that are this long—unless they are remixes, and we’ve got tons of remixes for you in these bucket playlists. You’ve probably also noticed that pop and dance tracks fall into a predictable rhythm of 120 to 140 bpm. That’s why the playlists of climbing-appropriate tracks (55 to 79 rpm) are much larger than the others—plain and simple, there are far more of those songs out there!

If you have additional 6-minute song suggestions (especially ones that can be used for cadences of 80 to low-100s rpm), please leave them in the comments below and we’ll add them to our playlists.

If you don’t use Spotify for your classes, not to worry, we do have PDFs of the playlists that you can download. Nevertheless, I recommend you at least get yourself a free Spotify account; that way you can still access these playlists. Then you can listen to them and decide if you want to purchase the songs or find them in the resources that you typically use, whether that’s iTunes, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc. I am constantly adding new songs to the playlists in Spotify, so the PDF may not be updated. Your free Spotify account will allow you to see our continual updates.

5 Responses to “All the 6-Minute Songs You’ll Ever Need For Every Type of Profile!”

  1. GillianCross says:

    Hi Jennifer
    If you are wanting songs in the 6-9ish minute(Some 10 & 11) bracket then Astral projection & Zetan Spore have loads of fantastic songs with intoxicating beats,
    Most are instrumental to.
    BPM ranges are very varied to so gives you a good catalogue.
    I used a few of these in my Blended intervals profile(idea taken from your meritage profile) this last week & the response has been great, members loved it.
    Thankyou for all you do at ICA.

    P. S I’m currently going through each song from these artists & getting the bpm so if it helps I can send it you after for your archives.
    Also working on songs related to different weather types & their corresponding bpm if that would be of interest for you.
    May need a sunny profile after the aftermath of this virus☀️.


  2. Donna Gilli says:

    Is it possible to adjust start/stop time of a song from Spotify like we can in an i-tunes playlist?

  3. TerranceNeal says:

    Hello Jennifer, how do you get the time to show up next to the song in Spotify as shown in your screen shots above?

  4. Yesim Peddy says:

    Hi Jennifer!

    I think the link to the playlist for the first (55-69 RPM) is not working.
    Thanks so much!

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