Indoor Cycling Association Affiliate Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much commission will I earn? A one time $20.00 commission per sale when someone you refer purchases an ICA one year un-discounted membership (at $119), $10.00 if the yearly membership is discounted, and $8.00 if they purchase a monthly membership*. If your referral purchases the full Tour de France package you'll receives $20 commission and for an e-book, you will receive a 40% commission. For the 2016 Indoor Cycling Summit, we will contact you with information about the commission rate.

What methods can I use to promote ICA? Banner or text ads on your site, in your newsletter, on your blog, and even in emails. We will contact you when we have special programs, events or additional products to promote and new banners to upload.

How do I get credit for a sale? In order for you to get credit for the referral, purchasers must use your special link.  The link is embedded in the banner/text ads available in the ICA affiliate center.

Do you provide promotional materials? Yes! We provide banner ads and text links. You will have access to a special affiliate member area that has different banners. You can also just use a special text link for emails, articles, and social media.

Can I earn commission on my own purchase? Affiliates will not receive commissions for their own purchases or for purchases from people who are already ICA members. However, if you refer someone to ICA and they join as a member and purchase an additional product within one month, you will still receive the commission for that product.


How often will commissions be paid?
We will pay commissions at the end of every month, provided your account balance is at least $50.00 after any refunds.

How will I know if I have generated a sale?
You will receive an automated message notifying you of every sale. You can also log into the affiliate center to see how you are doing.

Can anyone become an affiliate?
In order to guarantee the quality of the marketing and promotion of the Indoor Cycling Association, all affiliates must be in the fitness or cycling industry to be able to promote ICA, and have a related website, blog, or podcast, and/or a following in the fitness or cycling industry. If we have questions after you sign up, we will email you. We reserve the right to close any affiliate accounts that do not meet these requirements. Please inquire if you have any questions.

*Commissions for yearly memberships are not applicable for group memberships, which are already heavily discounted. If you refer a facility that signs up as a group membership, we would be happy to give you a one-time commission on a case-by-case basis depending on the size of the group. It must be before they register as a group, and you cannot be a part of the group. Please contact us if you have a group in mind.

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