A Fourth of July Profile: Three Climbs In America

NOTE: This fun profile is from our archives. It’s been a big hit every time we post it, even with our friends in the UK! 

This profile may get some of your students singing here and there—that is, if they can breathe! There are three climbs that vary from moderate to challenging, with a 3-minute flat in between.

10 Responses to “A Fourth of July Profile: Three Climbs In America”

  1. MichaelFerber says:

    Cannot seem to get your July 4th profile. Have tried all combinations. Please advise Mike

  2. Maureen Moglia says:

    Taught this profile today- It was great! Everyone loved it, especially American Pie

  3. April Chaparian says:


    How do I find your playlists on Spotify? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi April, we post our Spotify links directly on each profile or theme-profile post. If you are a member and are logged in, you should be able to see the links. We are up to way over a hundred by now!

  4. Neil Hobbs says:

    Although I’m in the UK I Taught this several times last year and have just dusted it off to use again this year. I call it Climbing in Colorado and I get nice comments from the participants regarding both the music and the profile. Thank you.

  5. Tammie Brown says:

    Hello Jennifer, this is a great profile and I definitely will be teaching it tomorrow morning. I have a question that is not related to this profile. I am recovering from a serious surgery. I noticed that you recovered from something recently yourself. Do you have any suggestions on how I should take this recovery?


    Tammie S. Brown

  6. HI Shirin, actually I leave one week from today, so I’m trying to schedule as many posts as I can! I’ll be teaching my 4th of July ride in my class tomorrow. My students know every year they get to sing along with Bye Bye Miss American Pie! =)

    • Christine Nielsen says:

      Any profile with American Pie in it must be done! I include it in a personal history ride I call “Endure My Life”. In it I tell stories about songs that have been important to me. The students are shy about singing along but I get them all in the end, partly because I use the full 8 minute version.

  7. Shirin Beckett says:

    Awesome!!! Thx Jennifer 🙂 And I must say, you are sooooo organized! This shows up here, while you are far far away, riding in Europe! 😉

  8. TRACY MILLER says:

    Thank you! Looks fun, and perfect for my strength ride tomorrow.

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