Mainstream Music Monday: Energetic Climb

Artist: Panic! At the Disco
Song: The Ballad of Mona Lisa
Album: Vices & Virtues
Time: 3:46
BPM: 124
Available: iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify

OK, I may have stolen this song from my boyfriend’s little sister, but sometimes she has good music to listen to when I’m feeling down. And say what you want about Panic!, but a lot of their songs are very cycle-studio/workout music friendly. This one is no exception. I think it makes for a good climb, something that I would put in the middle of my class as a pick-me-up song where you can continue working but it doesn’t quite feel like work. And, as a bonus, every minute I would add a gear onto that climb… So, that’s three additional gears to get back into the swing of a challenging workload that can be followed up with a “maintaining” type track. Or, perhaps near the end of a workout, using it as a reverse climb, where every minute you’re decreasing resistance and bringing your riders back down to the flat road.




2 Responses to “Mainstream Music Monday: Energetic Climb”

  1. Profile photo of Yumiko Pobanz says:

    Yes, this is a keeper!

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