Save the Date! Join me in Pittsburgh, February 17 5:30pm

By Jennifer Sage On February 3, 2012 Under Continuing Ed and Events

I am going back to Cycling Fusion in two weeks, this time to lead one of the Winter Training sessions on Satuday the 18th of February. My lecture will be on Overtraining for those of you signed up for the Winter Training series. On Saturday, I’ll lead a 45-min ride on strength development for the Winter Training participants, then Gene Nacey and I will co-lead a virtual ride to one of the French Alpes Global Ride videos.

But the night before, Friday the 17th of February, I’ll be filming two more classes for the Cycling Fusion library. These classes are open to the general public who sign up in advance. I will finalize what those two classes are this coming week, but I wanted to give you a chance to block that on your calendar. As usual, these filmed classes held on Friday evening are a great opportunity to experience a Master Class, and to be famous!

Check The Sage Advice for more information on how to sign up soon!

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  1. Leslie
    February 4, 2012
    1:17 am #comment-1

    Hi Jennifer, I’m so excited that we get you in Winter Training again this year! I am also interested in showing your Friday night rides live in our studio. Can you give specific time zone times?
    Thank you!

  2. Kala
    February 5, 2012
    3:02 am #comment-2

    Can’t wait to ride with you again! 🙂

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