Do You Consume Sports Drinks During or After Your Spinning® Class?

By Jennifer Sage On February 2, 2014 Under General Advice, Nutrition

GatoradeDo you, or do you know anyone who regularly consumes sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade during or after Spinning® classes, or other group fitness classes? Chances are, you do NOT need them! You may want to share this article by the CBC, which states:

A CBC Marketplace investigation found that the vast majority of Canadians don’t exercise hard enough to need the colourful drinks, and an average workout does not deplete the body enough to require additional energy and electrolytes.

Something tells me Americans probably have the Canadians beat in the sports drink consumption race! Their ubiquitous presence as a sponsor for just about every athletic event, from small town local school events to professional sporting events of every ilk cannot be escaped.

Do you realize how much sugar is in a jar of Gatorade? I think you’ll be as shocked as I was when I read this:

Gatorade’s Glacier Cherry Perform drink contains 41 g of sugar per serving — more than 10 teaspoons of sugar — and 330 mg of sodium, more than a McDonald’s medium fries and more than a serving of Doritos Cool Ranch chips.

Check out the CBC article and share it with your friends who fill their bottles with sports drinks. Water, people! We all need water during and after our Spinning / indoor cycling classes!

Here is another article on Livestrong about the dangers of too much Gatorade (or other sports drinks).


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  1. Barry
    February 27, 2014
    3:49 am #comment-1

    Hi Jen
    Having been in fitness and now Physiotherapy for well over 30 years I can say I never touch Sports drinks during or after a spin class, I prefer refuelling a more natural way

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