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Want to Experience a Journey Ride? Watch This Video!

What is a Journey Ride? I like to think of them as rides in which a challenging profile, combined with empowering coaching, compels the rider to look inward and examine his thoughts, emotions and physical sensations during the ride. Often incorporating visualization, they transcend the physical act of riding an indoor bike and become metaphors for challenges faced outside of the cycling studio. During the course of the ride, the rider develops a much greater sense of self, often leaving with heightened confidence and a desire to take on any challenge the world throws at them. Journey rides are magical! Go experience one for yourself at Charleston Ride!


Mainstream Music Mondays: Until Your Speed Runs Out

This is just a fun song to play with leg speed and power (if you have it available). Give them the challenge to see when their speed (or power) runs out.


A Fellow Cycling Instructor Needs Your Support After Losing His Wife

Bill Jenks and his wife, Laura, have ridden the DoubleDay Ride to Defeat ALS in support of her father. This year, Bill is riding it in support of Laura, who passed away a month ago from this horrible disease. Please, let’s get our indoor cycling community together and help Bill in his quest and memory of his wife, to help find a cure. Can you support him? You can read a little about Bill and Laura here.


Friday Favorites: Dig in For a Long Climb

This song is great for a Tour de France col, such as the Izoard in the Alps, or the Tourmalet in the Pyrénées…they go on for-friggin-ever. You want to do a stage of the Tour in the big mountains? You need some songs that depict how those mountains feel! Try almost anything by this group.


Announcing Our Go Retro! Contest Winners and 1980s Playlist of 265 Songs

We have six fun profiles for our Go Retro! contest, and as promised, we are making those profiles and the 1980s compilation playlist available to everyone. I don’t think there’s ever been a 1980s playlist that is quite as complete, detailed or as fun as this one, including suggestions on what to do with each song, for your Spinning or indoor cycling class.


Master Class: Ascent to Elysium

This profile is inspired by the movie Gladiator (2000) where Maximus (Gladiator), Commander of the Armies of the North, addresses his men before battle, “…Stay with me. If you find yourself alone, riding in green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled; for you are in Elysium…”

Take your riders on a journey up a 31-minute climb to their own personal Elysium.


Instructors: Different Styles But Unified Approach

Today I received an e-mail from ICA member Shayne who sent me an example of his club’s Group Fitness Class Conduct Guide for Spinning. It gave me an idea to get others to submit their facility’s instructor guidelines or a sample of what it contains. Or, if you don’t have one, let me know in the comments what you wish your club/studio would do to keep your team teaching a similar approach while still encouraging different styles. Next week, I’ll post these samples along with Shayne’s, so you can use them as a template to create your own or suggest to your group fitness director to create one.


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